How To Get Into Wharton MBA Program (2024) – Complete Guide


How To Get Into Wharton MBA Program (2024) – Complete Guide

February 3, 2024

Featuring rigorous courses in disciplines like finance, healthcare administration, and economics Wharton’s MBA program attracts some of the most ambitious, career-driven MBA applicants.

This can make the process of getting into Wharton quite daunting. Not to worry, you are in the right place to learn how to get into Wharton MBA. Keep reading as we run through how to tackle the application, make yours stand out, and secure your place at Wharton.

Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate: 18%

The Wharton MBA acceptance rate for the past year is 18%, making it one of the toughest business schools to enter. The Wharton MBA program’s acceptance rate hasn’t changed drastically for the past few years. Here is a table showing the school’s acceptance rate for the past few years. 

Year Acceptance Rate
2023 18%
2022 22%
2021 21%

Although these acceptance rates are competitive, there is still hope! If you want to be considered a serious Wharton applicant, ensure you score highly on the GMAT and have a high GPA. 

How Hard Is It to Get Into the Wharton MBA?

With an acceptance rate of 18%, Wharton MBA is extremely selective when it comes to admissions. For context, the Wharton MBA had 6,194 applications, and only 1,115 were admitted. If you are considering applying to Wharton, ensure you have a strong application to guarantee admissions. 

Wharton MBA Admissions Statistics

It is always helpful to look at the school’s admissions statistics before applying. Below, we’ll cover Wharton MBAs recent average GPA, GMAT score, GRE score, and average year of work experience. 

Wharton MBA Average GPA: 3.6

The average GPA of recently admitted students at Wharton MBA is 3.6. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement, if you want to attend Wharton, you must aim for a GPA of 3.6 or higher. It’s always best to aim for a 4.0! 

Wharton MBA Average GMAT Score: 728

The average GMAT score for Wharton MBA admitted applicants is 728. Wharton does not have a minimum GMAT score; however, if you want to be a competitive applicant, aim for a score of 728 or higher. Also, note that you should submit a score no older than five years old. 

Wharton MBA Average GRE Score: 162

The average GRE score of admitted Wharton MBA students is 162. There is no minimum GRE score for admission required. However, you should always aim for as high a score as possible. In this case, you should aim for 162 or higher. Also, your GRE score shouldn’t be older than five years.

Wharton MBA Average Year of Work Experience: 5 Years

The average work experience of admitted Wharton MBA students is five years. Applying to the program requires no minimum or maximum years of experience. The top industries admitted students have work experience in consulting, technology, and nonprofit/government work.

What is Wharton MBA Looking For In Applicants?

The Wharton MBA evaluates applicants based on professional maturity, focusing on the quality of the work rather than the years spent in the field. The admissions committee assesses applicants on their contributions to the work environment, level of responsibility, and career progression. 

Specifically, applicants are encouraged to demonstrate an interest in leveraging business for positive societal impact and showcase leadership abilities.‍

Wharton MBA Admissions Requirements 

Getting accepted into Wharton’s MBA program is quite difficult and very competitive. Successful applicants must demonstrate their passions, abilities, and good character through their application. 

Wharton’s MBA program admissions requirements include: 

  • Background information that includes contact information, date of birth, academic degrees earned, and professional experience 
  • An application fee of $275 
  • Two required essays
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A GMAT or GRE score
  • For non-native English speakers with limited exposure to English they must include either;
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)
  • Or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • One-page resume
  • Interview

Ensure you have all these application materials completed and ready for submission at least a month before the deadline. This helps with any unforeseen mishaps from happening. 

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